Green Power Washing Tips You Need to Know

Green Power Washing Tips You Need to Know

Why Green Power Washing?

When approaching your next power washing project, it’s helpful to know some eco-friendly power washing tips to help keep the surrounding environment safe and unpolluted. The following sections will go over green power washing tips to help you lessen the impact of power washing during your next project!

The Environmental Impact of Power Washing

While the EPA does not prohibit power washing under the Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule, it still needs to adhere to the containment requirements of other allowed work practices. Power washing can be beneficial to the environment when done correctly and can assist in keeping undesirable pollution out of the waterways. The problem is that when you power wash a surface, more than water runs off. This wastewater can contain paint, oil, and other pollutants. Because of the possible toxic things in wastewater, proper disposal of it is vital.

Check Your City Ordinances

The first thing you should do to be green when power washing is to check your area’s ordinances about wash water disposal. You should check how they want you to dispose of it based on if you use detergents or not and take steps to ensure it doesn’t enter the storm drains or nearby water sources.


Containment of wastewater is another green power washing tip. You should first locate all the storm drains and assess which way the water will flow when you power wash. Next, block off the storm drains that the water will flow into when you power wash. There are a number of ways you can do this including storm drain mats, flexible drain plugs, and flexible berms.

Use a Green Power Washing Detergent 

When you’re looking for a detergent to use for your next power washing project, try to choose eco-friendly power washing detergents over others. These can reduce your impact when you power wash! Some detergents are even biodegradable in an effort to minimize their effect on the surrounding environment.

Looking for Some Green Power Washing Detergent Options?

TidalWashers offers a variety of green power washing chemicals for you to choose from! You can shop our green products here or contact us today for more information about our products first-hand! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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