How Does Deck Brightener Work?

How Does Deck Brightener Work?

How Deck Brightener Works

Decks deal with a lot: rain, snow, sun, foot traffic, family pets, you name it. That’s why upkeep is so important. Deck brightener, or wood brightener, is something you may have heard about in passing if you’re looking to refurbish a deck. However, is there a benefit to using a deck brightener to revitalize wood, and if there is, how exactly does it work?

Preparing Your Deck for Brightener

Before applying a wood brightener, it is important to make certain the deck is clean and ready. When cleaning your deck, it’s best to use a power washer and a wood detergent because they work well removing dirt and other materials that would compromise the brightener and deck stain. A common recommendation when choosing detergents for washing a deck is to use an oxygenated detergent. To learn more about Tidal Washer’s pressure washes and detergents click here!

How Deck Brightener Works

Deck brightener works by neutralizing the pH level of the wood to it’s applied. Neutralizing the pH allows the wood to properly receive a new coat of stain. When wood has higher acidity, its pores open more and are better at holding the stain. Brightener also makes the wood brighter, which helps the color of your stain show up more on the grain.

Applying Deck Brightener

After your deck is cleaned, the wood will be ready for the brightener. If any tough stains are remaining on your wood after washing, the brightener will take care of them! Follow the instructions for the wood brightener you’ve chosen and apply it while the wood is still wet. Because pressure washing can cause wood to fur, it’s best to apply a brightener before the wood dries. If your deck has already dried don’t worry, you can still brighten it and use a sand buffing pad before applying the stain! Sand buffing pads are gentle on your deck but will still give you a smooth wood finish.

Looking to Brighten Your Deck?

Contact Tidal Washer’s here to learn about their high-quality deck brighteners, power washing detergents, and more! Our expert team of chemists is standing by to answer all your questions about our newly formulated products! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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