How to Strip Paint off a Wood Deck

How to Strip Paint off a Wood Deck

Regardless of the quality, wood paint is bound to peel or flake off after some time. This can seriously diminish the appeal of your yard and surrounding landscaping. To maintain an attractive deck, the best option is to completely remove the paint and start over. Luckily, deck stripping is pretty simple, and will leave your old deck looking new again!


  • Buy a deck stripping chemical. Deck Stripper Powder is a high-quality, heavy-duty cleaning powder that can remove dirt, grease, oil, paint, and stain.
  • Sweep debris off of the deck. Before starting any chemical application, it is important to make sure the deck is cleaned off. Use a broom to get rid of any dirt, leaves, twigs, or other debris.
  • Protect your plants. Cover nearby plants or landscaping with a plastic sheet to ensure that no deck-stripping chemicals harm your vegetation.
  • Pick up some PPE before handling any chemicals. Deck Stripper Powder is only safe to use if you are wearing eye, face, and hand protection.

How to Strip Paint off a Wood Deck:

  1. Mix your solution. Deck Stripper Powder should be mixed with 5 gallons of hot water and 40 ounces of powder for HD stripping, 30 ounces for normal stripping, and 20 ounces for degreasing.
  2. Dampen the surfaces you want to strip. Before applying your solution, rinse down your deck just enough to get it wet. If you notice any puddled areas, be sure to sweep the water away–do not apply your solution to puddled areas.
  3. Apply your solution. Use a low-pressure sprayer to spray your solution into the pre-rinsed area.
  4. Let the solution sit for 10 minutes. Any stubborn areas with thicker paint may require a bit of light scrubbing with a brush and a second application of Deck Stripper.
  5. Rinse the surface thoroughly. After the deck stripping solution has done its job, carefully rinse all of the solutions off of the wood. Though a pressure washer is not recommended for use on old wood due to its fragility, if using a pressure washer, use a low-pressure setting to avoid damaging the wood.

After stripping all paint off of your deck, it is ready for a new stain or coat of paint. Allow the wood to fully dry before proceeding to apply your new finish. Without paint, holes, and cracks may be more visible on your deck. Repair these gaps before repainting or staining.

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