Roof Cleaning: Is It Really Necessary?

Roof Cleaning: Is It Really Necessary?

Roof cleaning is likely something that you rarely or maybe never hear about. While focusing on keeping the inside of your house clean, or the exterior aspects that are at eye level, it’s understandable why the roof may slip your mind. It turns out that roof cleaning is essential for home maintenance! Not only will cleaning your roof make it look new again, but you will also be working to maintain the integrity of your roof and lengthen its lifespan, ultimately sparing you from expensive repairs and saving you money.

Why Clean a Roof Cleaning?

For one, cleaning a roof simply makes it look better. Beyond increasing curb appeal, a thorough cleaning will remove debris from your roof that could potentially cause damage. Twigs and leaves can become lodged within the cracks of your roof shingles or tiles and end up loosening them, in turn leading to breakage. Cleaning your roof can also extract moss that may be growing up there. If moss begins to breed on your roof, it can work its way under the tiles or shingles and lift them up, causing harm to the structure. Additionally, moss absorbs water like a sponge, meaning the area underneath will constantly be damp. This will weaken your roof and ultimately leave you with some pretty nasty damage to repair.

When is the Best Time of Year for Roof Cleaning?

Generally speaking, summer is the best time to clean your roof. It is overall safer to climb up onto a roof when it is completely dry. Also, summer cleanings allow you to rid your roof of debris from spring and winter storms. However, the most appropriate timing for roof cleaning largely depends on the climate where you live. If you live somewhere that gets extremely hot in the summer, it may be more practical to wait until you don’t have to work in the heat. That being said, always make sure that your roof is dry and free of slipping hazards before cleaning.

How Often Should a Roof Be Cleaned?

A good rule of thumb is once annually. However, if you live somewhere that has a consistent storm season, or if you live in a tropical, humid area that is prone to moss and mold, you may want to keep an eye on your roof as it likely will need cleaning twice each year.

Need to Clean Your Roof?

After reading, you may have realized that your roof needs some serious TLC. For more information on what products to use, where to get the right chemicals or any other questions you may have, contact us here –we would be happy to help!

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