Best Chemicals for an Industrial Electric Pressure Washer

Best Chemicals for an Industrial Electric Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is one of the most efficient methods of cleaning large surface areas as well as a variety of surfaces. On average, electric pressure washers use about 50–70% less water than a standard hose, making them a great eco-friendly choice. While water-only pressure washing can still be effective with an industrial electric pressure washer, it is made even more efficient when a cleaning chemical is incorporated, especially when dealing with oils, grease, or stubborn soils.

What Are the Best Chemicals to Use for Industrial Electric Pressure Washers?

The ideal chemicals to use depend on the type of surface you’re looking to pressure wash and what you’re trying to remove from the surface. There are several multi-purpose options that can be used for cleaning, degreasing, or rust removal, but sometimes a specialized detergent or cleaning solution can help you achieve the most effective clean for your unique needs.

Generally, chemical-based cleaning solutions for pressure washers can be split up into two categories:

  1. Acid-based solutions
  2. Alkaline-based solutions

Here is a list of the most commonly used acidic chemicals and their purposes:

  • Oxalic acid: ideal for rust removal and cleaning
  • Citric acid: mildly corrosive, ideal for paint oxidation and stain removal, and is best suited for concrete driveways or wooden decks
  • Hydrofluoric acid: corrosive acid, ideal for aluminum brightening and paint oxidation removal
  • Hydrochloric acid: ideal for cleaning and rust removal, and is best suited for concrete

Alkaline chemicals can also be used, sometimes alongside acidic chemicals, to target organic contaminants. Some common alkaline chemicals are listed below.

  • Sodium hypochlorite: ideal for disinfecting and removing stains
  • Sodium hydroxide: ideal for removal of grease, oils, and organic substances, and is best suited for glass and steel
  • Potassium hydroxide: not as aggressive as sodium hydroxide, and is effective for grease and oil removal

Butyl is an example of a commonly utilized water-soluble chemical that can be combined with either acidic or alkaline chemicals to dissolve oils more easily.

Looking for Industrial-Grade Electric Pressure Washer Chemicals?

Here at Tidal Washers, we provide various pressure washing detergents while focusing on balancing environmental health and efficient cleaning processes. Reach out to our staff today to find the best product for your industrial needs!

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