Mildew Removal and Prevention

Mildew Removal and Prevention

Mildew is an unfortunately common unwanted house guest, both inside and outside the house, messing with not only the individual health of those living there but also causing damage to the structure. Knowing how to properly remove mildew, the most common type of house mold is important to maintaining a healthy home structure and environment. Thankfully, there are many cleansers that cannot only help eliminate but also prevent the development of mildew. 

What Removers Exist? 

Bleach is often used when handling mildew and is effective at doing so. Given how harsh the product is, it’s recommended to dilute it before use but it will kill any mildew and remove discoloration. 

Distilled White Vinegar is also efficacious and less harsh than bleach, but sometimes will leave discoloration caused by the mildew behind and in some cases will require manual scrubbing in order to fully remove and cleanse the area. 

Baking soda and borax are both effective in removing mildew and easy to apply when mixed with water, but still can sometimes leave stains behind and not clean as well as other cleaning agents. 

If you’re looking for a cleaner that has preventative measures to help keep mildew from developing in the future, looking into commercial cleaning products will be your best bet. 

What Preventative Measures Are There For Mildew? 

Commercial products that can help prevent mildew often take more time to apply and get the desired effect, but will be long-lasting and will help you worry less going into the future. Some products themselves function as the direct cleaner but others are products applied to the given area after the mildew has already been cleansed and act to help remove any remaining stains and odor. 

Unlike the cleaners, which are often diluted, many preventatives are applied with full strength for the best results, and it varies on if they can be used with a power washer or manually applied. When applied properly, preventatives will stay in effect for months at a time with variations given environmental conditions when used outdoors. Caution should be used when applying to avoid vents and heating coils and to wear protective gear. 

While labor-intensive to apply, the security of not having to worry about more mildew development is a worthwhile investment. 

Trying To Find The Right Product? 

If you’re trying to find a mildew and mold cleanser or preventative, Tidal Washers offers a varied selection for you to pick from, as well as other house maintenance products you may need. There is a contact line available if you have more questions about what we provide! 

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