How to Remove Rust Stains from Concrete

How to Remove Rust Stains from Concrete

Most people are familiar with rust–those annoying reddish-brown stains that collect on every metal surface. Not only are rust stains unsightly, but they are also manifestations of material corrosion. Rust is an indication that the structural weakening of the metal has already started. To not only maintain the visual appeal of your surfaces but their integrity, it is essential to remove rust spots as they occur.

What Causes Rust?

Rust occurs as a result of oxidation, a chemical reaction that takes place when metal gets wet. Water contains minerals that like to react with iron or metal alloys that contain iron, like steel. When exposed to moisture and oxygen for long periods of time, iron will oxidize and begin to corrode, leaving unattractive rust spots and stains behind.

Why Does Concrete Get Rusty?

>Soft Rock. Concrete is made of a mixture of several types of rock. Hard rocks, like limestone, basalt, and granite, are components of concrete, but so are some types of soft rock, including iron rock. Soft rock absorbs more water than hard rock, which becomes problematic due to the porous nature of concrete. Iron rock in concrete can “pop out,” causing it to be more exposed to weather, which in turn will cause rust.

>Fertilizers. Many plant fertilizers contain some amount of iron and other minerals. If you fertilize potted plants on concrete or any landscaping next to concrete, the small number of metals in the fertilizer can accumulate and rust.

>Metal Outdoor Furniture. Metal patio furniture is notorious for leaving some nasty rust stains. When the finish that was initially done on the furniture begins to deteriorate, the metals present on the furniture are exposed to water and oxygen, the two causative agents of rust. Moisture can cause the corrosion to leak down the furniture and onto the concrete below, leaving some unsightly stains.

Rust Stain Removal

  1. Purchase a quality rust stain cleaner. RED FIGHTER Concrete Cleaner is a high-quality, industrial-strength cleaning product that is designed to target red mud stains, rust stains, tire tracks, and more.
  2. Apply the product to the desired surface. Use an all-plastic pump sprayer to apply the rust removal chemical.
  3. Work the product into cracks and crevices. A plastic bristle brush or broom will work best to ensure complete saturation of the surface.
  4. Let the chemicals work. RED FIGHTER will be able to remove most rust stains after a minimum of 10 minutes. For stubborn, older stains, allow the product to sit for up to 30 minutes.
  5. Rinse and reveal your restored concrete! Use a high-pressure washer to fully remove the product and the treated rust stains. Rinse thoroughly.

Where Can You Buy A Remover?

For more information on how to purchase RED FIGHTER or one of our other rust removal products, contact us here.

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