5 Minute Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaner

5 Minute Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaner

Sidewalk Cleaner and Driveway Cleaner

Cleansing the concrete around your house, be it the driveway or sidewalk, might not be high on your list of priorities. Even if they aren’t, they’re an undeniable part of house maintenance and you’d be surprised at the difference they make when cleansed. To say you should jump right into doing so- while concrete is a more hardy material than wood, it still needs to be treated with care and products need to be reasonably tested to get the results you want without causing any damage. 

What Can I Do? 

Sometimes, all concrete needs is a good brush with some water, though things like dish soap and laundry detergent can also be effective if only using water doesn’t work. If there are bulkier stains you’re trying to get rid of, it will be worth cleaning using a power washer instead of manually brushing. Water only usually works with the power washer due to the pressure, but extra additives can clear things up. 

Some sidewalk cleaners are added directly to the power washer, such as mold and mildew removal products. Alternatively, there are products that you apply beforehand and are able to rinse away with the power washer after a brief wait time. These products are more effective for thicker and more built-up stains to help break them down but also for cases like gum, organic stains such as tree sap, and oil stains that happen to be stuck to the surface. Rinsing properly when removing these larger stains is important as to not leave residue from the cleaner. 

Be careful when using said products however as they can damage paint and plants if used improperly, and it’s heavily advised to use these products only on their intended surfaces of concrete, metal, vinyl, and brick. 

Looking For Sidewalk Cleaners? 

If you’re trying to find a sidewalk and driveway cleaner that will work best for you, Tidal Washers offers a selection you can easily pick from, as well as other house maintenance products you may need. Contact our expert team today to see how we can help you! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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