A New Deck Shine With Deck Brightener

A New Deck Shine With Deck Brightener

Sometimes, your deck gets worn down and much duller from not only use but also from general exposure to the elements, having to endure a variety of weathers and temperatures. Woodcare and maintenance is something that needs to be kept up more than often but sometimes just cleaning isn’t enough. It won’t always bring back that new and fresh look you’re hoping for. If that sounds like a problem you are encountering, then a deck brightener might be the product you’re looking for to add to your normal cleaners.

What Does Deck Brightener Do?

While cleaners do their job just fine, but sometimes there just isn’t enough to get the results you’re looking for. A brightener when added to the process will work to raise the acidity of the wood, which effectively opens the wood’s pores and it brightens the color especially when a new layer of stain is applied afterward. The opened pores allow wood stains to get deeper into the wood, highlight the wood grain, and make it more vibrant.

How Do I Use It?

While individual products vary in specifics, the brightener is added immediately after the deck has been cleansed. Unlike cleaners, you don’t dilute the product for the best results and you often leave it to dry instead of rinsing it further. The stain can be applied after it is completely dry, and all that’s left is to enjoy your deck’s new look!

It’s an extra step to the process but the results speak for themselves of how the wood looks with the product added. It’s the difference between just being cleansed and looking like new, with the extra care that helps with overall wood maintenance needed to keep the deck in prime condition.

Looking For What You Need?

If you’re trying to find a brightener that will work for you and the cleaners you have, Tida Washers offers a selection that will be right for you, as well as other house maintenance products you may need. There is a contact line available if you have more questions about what we provide!

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