Cleaning Dirty Deck’s With Deck Cleaner

Cleaning Dirty Deck’s With Deck Cleaner

Decks are enjoyed by families everywhere for recreational purposes, providing a safe and clean place for you to do so. Owing to this and withstanding the elements of nature, they eventually get some wear and tear making you wonder what you can do to restore it. A good sweep can only do so much after all. Considering a deck cleaner may be beneficial to your deck’s surface.

Where Do I Start With Deck Cleaner?

Thankfully, a good number of deck cleaners can be used on both wood and concrete so, what you need to decide is what you want the product to do. Some focus on simply removing mold and mildew stains, dirt, grease, and oil, but more hardy products can also help strip paint off. After figuring out what would work best for you, it’s time to look into the application of the product.

Application Process

Washing everything down with water beforehand is usually a good place to start. Most products will need an evenly washed surface prior to application, and doing this first wash with a hose can help loosen up dirt and stains that a broom couldn’t take care of. Take caution with doing this washing and the rinsing that follows after using a product, as wood surfaces can be damaged if the water pressure is too high, unlike concrete.

It is best to note the water temperature requirements needed for your product as they will have varying needs for the best results, not only for application but for rinsing. This can also apply when diluting the product is necessary.

Most products will also need a settling period before they can be rinsed away, so how fast the product is once applied should be considered. There is no way to get around the labor needed, but the right cleaner will definitely make the process easier. Soon enough, you’ll be back to enjoying your deck in all its glory. All that is left is to apply new wood stains as needed for further protection!

Looking For A Professional Deck Cleaner?

If you’re trying to find a deck cleaner that works for you, Tidal Washers offers a varied selection of products that will be right for you, as well as other house maintenance products you may need. Contact our specialized team to find the right product for you! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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