Solutions For A Cleaner Roof

Solutions For A Cleaner Roof

A dirty home is not a good feeling, be that on the inside or outside. House maintenance is a constant in our lives and cleaning isn’t always an easy task. Cleansing a roof for example often leads to some struggle considering how labor-intensive it is and the process necessary isn’t always clear given the variety of tiling that is available, each one requires a different approach. Thankfully most housing in the United States has asphalt or fiberglass shingles, which will make the cleaning solutions more commonly available. 

How Do I Clean Shingles? 

The first assumption for many people is to powerwash their roofs. While a power washer can be used, it’s advised to have it on a lower setting as having it too strong can damage the grit and loosen the shingles. If too much grit gets loose, you will not only damage your roof but could potentially lead to gutter problems as well. Another assumption is that shingles are hardy enough to handle bleach. While bleach is an effective cleaner in most cases, it can cause degradation and discoloration to your shingles so it is best to avoid it. 

Several chemicals that are available will suggest that you dilute them before use for the best results and that you should avoid letting the solution fully dry to prevent possible damage, thoroughly rinsing after use. It is worth checking if the solution you are using requires hot, cold, or neutral temperature water as different chemicals will have varying application processes needed. This water temperature should also be kept in mind while rinsing. It is also commonly recommended that you protect painted areas, aluminum, and any plants that could be affected. 

Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the labor or caution needed when cleaning but finding the right chemicals that suit your needs the best can make the process a bit easier. 

Looking For The Right Chemicals For Your Roof Cleaning? 

If you have asphalt or fiberglass shingles, there are plenty of options when it comes to what solution would work best for you. Tidal Washer provides a selection of chemicals for roof cleaning as well as contact information if you have further questions! Contact our team of trained professionals for more information today!

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