Best Wood Deck Paint & Stain Stripper

Best Wood Deck Paint & Stain Stripper

Taking care of your deck is as essential as taking care of any other part of your home. Regularly washing it will get rid of eyesores such as dirt and mold, and also prolong your deck’s life. However, simply cleaning the surface is not always as effective as stripping it. Choose to strip when looking to stain or neutralize the surface to get rid of old paint and staining dyes. Investing in an industrial-grade wood stain stripper will give your deck the heavy-duty cleanse it needs to prep for a stain and stay looking cleaner than ever. 

Why is Stripping Your Deck Important? 

While cleaning gets rid of mold, mildew, and other surface-level dirt, a stain stripper takes this clean-up a notch. Using a stripping agent not only removes debris but removes old paint and stains along the surface. If you’re looking to stain your deck, always choose to strip it beforehand rather than clean it. This will better prepare the surface for the application of the stain, allowing it to go on evenly and smoothly.  

3 High-Quality Stain Strippers  

TidalWashers has engineered three industrial-grade stripping products to get rid of tough stains. Here are the top three options: 


  • This heavy-duty, concentrated formula…
  • Removes dirt, cooking grease, and oils from the surface as well as paint and stain
  • Works well in hot or cold water
  • Suitable on wood & concrete surfaces
  • Comes in 6 different bulk quantities

This caustic product can do all of the same jobs as above but differs in its format. The stripping agent comes in a convenient mixable form that makes for easy shipping, storage, and handling. Simply mix with hot water following the powder-to-water ratio listed in the directions, and it’s ready to go. 

This product works well with TIDAL MAX DECK STRIPPER to emulsify grease and other stains. The system works best when set on the area for at least thirty minutes to soften and lift up paint and other marks with the help of a power washer. 

Reasons to Pick TidalWashers 

  • Environmentally Conscious Brand 

TidalWashers strives to create eco-friendly products that help promote a more sustainable future. Many of our cleaning solutions use fewer chemicals and opt for ones that are safer or less destructive. 

  • Professional Quality 

Our products are suitable for commercial cleaners and businesses. Our heavy-duty solutions are available to buy in varying bulk sizes. Visit our website to view the availability of your target product. 

  • Customer-Oriented 

TidalWashers is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company that aims to exceed all current and prospective customers’ standards. Our expert team provides a free consultation and quote service available through our website. 

Want to Contact Us For Deck Cleaning Products? 

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