What Is a Surfactant for Pressure Washing?

What Is a Surfactant for Pressure Washing?

Curious About Surfactants and Pressure Washing?  

If you would like to learn about how surfactants are utilized during the pressure washing process, this is the blog post for you. We will discuss what surfactants are and explain their role in the pressurized water technique.  

What Are Surfactants?  

Before explaining their role in pressurized cleansing, we must first define the term. Surfactants also referred to as surface-active agents, are substances that, when added to a liquid, decrease its surface tension. This improves the liquid’s wetting and dispersal abilities. A large range of chemical products that may act in decreasing surface tension are:  

  • Detergents  
  • Germicides  
  • Foamers  
  • Defoamers  
  • Emulsifiers.   

What Is a Surfactant for Pressure Washing?  

In the context of the method in question, surfactants are generally detergents. Sometimes, they are used in conjunction with water, but they can also be utilized with a mixture of water and sodium hypochlorite (bleach). In both of these cases, however, the surfactant plays two important roles. The first is increasing the wetting ability of the water or water/sodium hypochlorite. This prevents it from simply running down the surface to which it is being applied. The second is acting as a cleansing agent, further boosting the cleaning power of the high-pressure water dispensed by the machinery  

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