Best House Wash Surfactant 

Best House Wash Surfactant 

About Surfactants 

Are you looking for the best housewash surfactant on the market? If so, you’ve landed on the right blog post! You will learn all about powerful house wash surfactant that effectively removes unwanted elements from any house’s exterior, leaving it spotless.

However, before we discuss what they can do, we will first define what surfactants are. The term is short for “surface-active agent”, and refers to a product that decreases a liquid’s surface tension when the two substances are mixed. A wide range of products can act as surfactants such as: 

  • Cleaning Agents 
  • Defoamers 
  • Germicides 
  • Insecticides 

Where to Purchase the Best House Wash Surfactant 

If you are interested in purchasing this agent, Tidal Washers is here to help you. Our industrial-grade cleaning agent Tidal Multi-Surface House Wash is a fantastic cleaning agent, coming with these three benefits: 

  • Sold in Several Bulk Sizes 

Our product is available in multiple bulk sizes. This flexibility allows users to easily choose the best size for their business.     

  • Safe for a Variety of Surfaces 

Our product can be used on a variety of surfaces. It not only can be employed to clean home exteriors but also clean: 

  • Fences 
  • Cars 
  • Mailboxes 
  • Outdoor furniture 
  • Other exterior surfaces 

This characteristic can help companies to reduce the number of cleaning products they need, which cuts down on expenses.  

  • Highly Concentrated 

Finally, our product is highly concentrated. It can be used at a 1:100 dilution with hot water or a 1:50 dilution with cold water.  

Contact Tidal Washers Today 

Whether you are looking for this product or another type of commercial cleaning product, Tidal Washers is here to help. We offer a wide variety of other industrial-grade and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Plus, if you still can’t find a solution that fits the bill, our chemists can also perform toll blending to create the perfect product for your needs. If you need assistance in selecting the best chemical solution for your operations, our team would be happy to help. Contact Tidal Washers by calling 800-563-1305 or emailing We look forward to assisting you!