Best Surfactant for Pressure Washing  

Best Surfactant for Pressure Washing  

Looking for the Best Surfactant for Pressure Washing?  

Those who work in an industry where this pressurized cleansing technique is frequently employed are often aware, a good surfactant is an important element of this method. Surfactants may provide additional cleaning power or help the water and sodium hypochlorite (a mixture sometimes used in this technique) to aid in cleansing surfaces. Overall, surfactants serve to boost the pressurized machinery’s efficacy.   

Any cleaning commercial industry would want to purchase the best surfactants for their pressurized washers. Here at Tidal Washers, our product EcoCleanse is a fantastic option to consider!  

4 Beneficial Features of the Best Surfactant for Pressure Washing  

  1. Eco-Friendly 
    One characteristic that may often not be considered is eco-friendliness. However, many industrial-strength chemical products can harm the environment due to their hazardous ingredients. Luckily, this product is different- it is formulated with biodegradable surfactants, making it a safer choice for people and the earth.   
  2. Citrus-Scented 
    Another trait that makes this product a great consideration is its scent. It has a pleasant citrus odor and is therefore easier to work with than cleaning agents that have strong, chemical-like odors.   
  3. Safe for Numerous Surfaces 
    It can be utilized to cleanse many types of surfaces such as:
    – Exterior Siding
    – Roofs
    – Granite
    – Limestone
    – Concrete
    This versatility eliminates the need to purchase different cleaning products for each type of surface.
  4. Can Neutralize Acidic Solutions  

It can also be used to neutralize acidic solutions. Since it is labeled as a basic solution, it can be applied after an acidic cleaning solution has been used to neutralize any remaining cleanser.     

Where to Purchase the Best Surfactant for Pressure Washing  

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