5 Unusual Uses For A Pressure Washer

5 Unusual Uses For A Pressure Washer

There are a plethora of conventional uses for a pressure washer. Whether you’re looking to remove stains from siding, blast away dirt in gutters, or want to make your sidewalk look a shade or two lighter—a power or pressure washer is an extremely versatile tool. But many people might not be aware of how versatile this high-pressurized system can be.

This article will show you just how creative you can get when it comes to using this all-around machine and will explore five unusual uses for a pressure washer.

5 Unconventional Uses for a Pressure Washer 

What makes a power or pressure washer so useful is the adjustability of the intensity of the water stream it produces, or in other words, its pound-force per square inch (PSI). Some surfaces require a higher PSI to clean, cut, or remove components from them, while others require a lower PSI and a gentler approach. When it comes to getting creative with your pressure washer, the type of job you’re trying to accomplish will determine what PSI you use. Let’s take a look at five clever uses that require an assortment of PSIs.

  1. Create art on your sidewalk – If you’ve been neglecting your sidewalk, then why not hold off a few days longer and have fun with your dirty concrete? Use a high PSI to create checkered markings, a DIY hopscotch board, or swirly patterns on the surface. Whatever you design, have fun with it! This is a great, inexpensive way to entertain kids, but make sure you always exercise caution when using intense pressure streams. You create, and they’ll enjoy the end product!
  2. Dislodge a ball stuck in a tree – Skip the ladder and pick up your high-pressurized machine next time you get soccer stuck in the tree in your front yard. Start with a low PSI and work your way up to a more intense one, aiming at the ball until it gets the extra boost it needs to set it free.
  3. Remove wasp and other insect nests – If the wasps or other stinging insects have abandoned their nests and you’re sick of looking at them, then grab a power washer. Use a high setting to detach the nest from your home, garage, etc. Be mindful of the background surface, and don’t use a high-pressurized blast on soft or damaged surfaces.
  4. Carve a pumpkin – While this one isn’t a year-round activity, it may be a great way to spice things up during Halloween time. Use a high-pressurized blast to puncture and cut out a Jack-O-Lantern without a knife. This technique is for adults only, and the carver should observe proper safety precautions when attempting it.
  5. Remove gum – Pressure washers are great when it comes to removing melted gum that’s stuck to blacktop, concrete, and other hard surfaces. Don’t use a pressure washer if the surface the gum is stuck on is painted.

Not looking to get creative just yet? That’s fine! If you’re going the conventional route, then you’re more than likely attempting to remove debris and/or clean a specific surface. To get the best clean, make sure you invest in a high-quality detergent.

Need a Detergent for Conventional Uses? 

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