The Best Pressure Washing Chemicals: Enhance Your Cleaning Results

The Best Pressure Washing Chemicals: Enhance Your Cleaning Results

Pressure washing is an effective industrial cleaning method that can clear away a variety of unwanted residues. Chemicals utilized in this technique, though strong, are not all created equal. A chemical that may cleanse one surface with great precision may do very little or nothing for another. Inside this blog, you will learn the best pressurized washing substances to utilize for cleansing.  

Uses for acidic pressure washing chemicals  

Some of the best chemicals for this type of washing are acidic cleaners. This is because acidic cleaners can be used for a wide range of cleaning applications. Acidic cleaners can cleanse some of the following:  

  • Rust  
  • Tire  
  • Mud  
  • Mold  
  • Mildew  
  • Cooking grease  
  • Mineral deposits  

Two of the best pressure-washing chemicals offered by Tidal Washers are acid-based cleaners. One of these products is called Red Fighter which is a red-colored cleaner solution that is composed of a few different types of nonflammable acids. This product is an industrial strength cleaner that can remove several different stains from both concrete and brick surfaces caused by rust, mud, and even tire tracks.  

 Another product that we offer is the Tidal Max Deck Wash which is a colorless, acid-based cleaning solution as well. This cleaning solution is a mixture of multiple different nonflammable acids. It can remove a multitude of messes from wooden deck surfaces such as mold, mildew, and cooking grease.   

Uses for alkaline pressure washing chemicals  

The best pressure-washing chemicals are not all acid-based, however. The other type of effective pressure washing chemicals is alkaline cleaners which can also be used to clean a multitude of exterior messes. Some of those messes include:  

  • Road film  
  • Bugs  
  • Grime  
  • Dirt  

One alkaline cleaner we provide here at Tidal Washers is our Touchless Truck & Trailer. It is a two-green-colored alkaline-based cleaning solution. This solution allows for quick and easy removal of things such as magnetic road film and bugs.   

Another alkaline cleaner that we offer is Gutter Green. It is also a green-colored liquid that allows for an efficient gutter cleaning experience. This product is very powerful and goes a long way.  

Looking for more?  

We here at TidalWashers offer a variety of eco-friendly and effective cleaning products. We are dedicated to providing your industry and others with various chemicals for industrial purposes as well as the knowledge on how to apply them. If you would like to browse through our products, you can do so here. If you have any questions, you can contact our staff here. Do not hesitate to reach out today!