How To Remove Graffiti From Any Surface

How To Remove Graffiti From Any Surface

Graffiti tends to show up in the most unwanted places. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to remove graffiti from any surface, given the appropriate cleaning chemicals, of course. 

Eliminate Graffiti from Concrete, Brick, or Masonry (or other porous and non-porous surfaces) 

  1. Buy the right cleaner. Tidal Graffiti Remover Kit is a professional, high-quality cleaning kit that was specifically designed to eliminate graffiti from a multitude of materials. It is safe on most surfaces if used as directed.  
  2. Add each component to a low-pressure sprayer. Tidal Graffiti Remover contains Component 1 and Component 2, both designed to work independently–they should not be combined prior to application.  
  3. Test the product in a small area. To ensure that Tidal Graffiti Remover will produce the desired result, apply it to a small portion of the desired surface.  
  4. Spray on Component 1 first, followed by Component 2. These chemicals do not need to be diluted prior to use. They can also be applied using a brush if you prefer not to use a sprayer, or if one is not available.  
  5. Let the chemicals work. Allow the product to stand on the surface for 5-10 minutes to fully remove graffiti.  
  6. Rinse. Use a high-pressure, hot-water power washer to completely remove the product and all graffiti.   

This process can be repeated as many times as needed for tougher graffiti marks.  

What about other spots that have bothersome graffiti, like lockers or painted surfaces? Well, the process to remove graffiti from smooth surfaces is actually easier than removal from porous or non-porous surfaces.  

Smooth Surface Removal (stainless steel, road signs, billboards, glazed masonry, tile, etc.) 

  1. Choose an appropriate cleansing chemical. Face Away is a highly effective, user-friendly, eco-friendly graffiti-removal chemical. It works fast to restore a vandalized surface to its original quality and is fume-less and solvent-less.  
  2. Spray the desired surface with the cleaner. Simply spray Face Away onto the graffiti you wish to remove. 
  3. Allow the product to penetrate and loosen the graffiti. Face Away needs to sit for 30 seconds to fully work.  
  4. Wipe clean. Remove the cleaner and graffiti with a hand towel.   

That’s it! Less than two minutes to cleanse and restore your surface.  

Need to Get Rid of Some Graffiti?  

For more information on which product will best fit your graffiti removal needs, contact us today –we can answer your questions or simply help you complete a purchase! 

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