Best Wood Neutralizer & Brightener for Decking

Best Wood Neutralizer & Brightener for Decking

Don’t let your time spent cleaning and stripping your wood deck go to waste, and apply a wood neutralizer and brightener after your next wash. Applying a neutralizer will not only lighten your deck but increase the longevity of your decking’s life, saving you time and money spent on cleaning and restoring.  

Why do I need a Wood Neutralizer? 

Many deck cleaners contain caustic soap that can throw off the pH balance of the wood. This imbalance causes new stains to stick longer and be more of a menace to wash away. This altered pH balance can also cause the surface of the deck to appear darker and change its original color of it. Using a neutralizer restores the grain to its natural pH balance, helping the overall appearance and health of the surface. 

Best Neutralizer & Brightener 

TidalWashers’s, WOOD BRIGHTENER, is a great option if you’re looking to neutralize your wood decking like a pro. This high-quality product not only neutralizes the surface but removes rust stains and red clay stains that plague the deck. It also works well on other wooden surfaces and requires application immediately after washing for the best results.  

Benefits of Choosing TidalWashers 

  • Industrial-Grade 

TidalWashers’s high-quality products help you get the most out of your cleaning. Perfect for professional use, our cleaning solutions remove heavy-duty stains and successfully wash away all dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces. 

  • Bulk Availability 

Our products are available to buy in bulk quantities and come in many different sizes. View the sizing options for your desired product by visiting the product listing on our website at 

  • Accessible Team 

Have any questions? Our expert team members are at your disposal. Contact us here or send us an email at to get in touch today! 

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