How to Clean a Cedar Wood Deck Like A Professional

How to Clean a Cedar Wood Deck Like A Professional

A cedar wood deck is a durable, affordable, and attractive choice for homeowners to help liven up their backyards. But just like any other part of the home, it still requires upkeep. Although generally resistant to rotting and decay, mold and mildew are just a few common deposits that still find ways to stain the surface. Leaving these stains untouched can take years off your decking’s life, causing it to lose its attractiveness and durability. Prevent this from happening by cleaning your cedar wood surface like a professional with the following steps. 

STEP 1: Gather Supplies 

Before you can begin transforming your deck, it’s important to obtain the correct tools and cleaning solutions. Make sure you have the following supplies in your arsenal: 

  • Pressure or power washer 
  • TIDAL MAX DECK WASH heavy-duty cleaning solution by TidalWashers 
  • Hot water 
  • Low-pressure sprayer 
  • Safety Gear 
  • Goggles, gloves, etc.

STEP 2: Preparation 

Now that you’ve stocked up on the necessary supplies, it’s important to prepare the solution for the application. In order to do this, mix 3 parts hot water with 1 part TIDAL MAX DECK WASH to dilute the solution. Place the newly mixed solution into a low-pressure sprayer. 

STEP 3: Application 

Once you’ve prepared the cleaner, apply it to the surface with the help of the sprayer. Completely saturate the wood and let sit for 5-10 minutes. The solution will begin breaking up mold, mildew, cooking greases, and other stains on the surface. 

STEP 4: Wash 

Once the 5-10 minutes have passed, rinse away the solution and other stains and debris with a pressure washer. Set the machine to a low-pressure blast for the best results.  

STEP 5: Tidy up 

Completely wash away the solution from the surface with water. That’s it! Your deck is now void of stains and back to its healthy state.    

Consider applying a neutralizer and brightener to your deck directly after cleaning to help your wash last longer and look, fresher.  

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