Deck Stripping vs. Deck Cleaning: What’s the Difference

Deck Stripping vs. Deck Cleaning: What’s the Difference

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Taking care of your wooden deck is vital in ensuring its functionality and attractiveness, but how do you determine when to use a stripping agent or a cleaner to help prolong its life? Deck stripping and deck cleaning are two similar processes that work to wash away stains and deposits from the surface. The major difference between the two is that deck stripping is more of a heavy-duty cleanse. This process utilizes stronger chemicals and cleaning agents to get rid of the paint, staining, and most other deposits on the surface. Cleaning, on the other hand, cannot fully wash away paint or staining and only washes away debris like mold, mildew, and dirt from the surface.  

If you’re looking to stain a wooden surface, then choose a stripping agent as opposed to a cleaning solution to ensure the new stain goes on evenly. However, there’s one important step left before applying the stain: neutralizing. 

After completing either of these two processes or prior to staining, it’s important to neutralize the surface. Many of the chemicals in the cleaning solutions or stripping agents are caustic. Meaning, they have the ability to change the pH of the wooden surface. It’s important to use a wood neutralizer and brightener to restore the wood’s pH to its natural level. This will help the stain to stick well, and better the overall health of the wood.  

Looking for a Deck Cleaning Solution? 

Try TidalWashers’s, TIDAL MAX DECK WASH, to clear away the following stains: 

  • Mold 
  • Mildew 
  • Lichen 
  • Cooking grease 

When paired with a pressure washer, this heavy-duty solution penetrates the wood and leaves it looking revitalized and ready for neutralization. 

Looking for a Deck Stripping Solution? 

TidalWashers carries many industrial-grade options to help you successfully prepare the surface for the most effective stain. You can visit our product listings here. These products not only remove paint and staining but also… 

  • Remove dirt, grease, & oil 
  • Come with easy-to-follow directions 
  • Work in cold & hot water 
  • Are available to buy in bulk 

How Can I Buy It? 

Browse our professional products at or get in contact with one of our team members here to learn more! 

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