Examples of pressure washer degreasers

Examples of pressure washer degreasers

Examples Of Pressure Washer Degreasers 

Pressure washing is a commonly applied and effective technique that uses highly pressurized water to cleanse an abundance of different surfaces. This technique is performed with a motor or electric machine (known as a pressure washer) to wash away unwanted elements. Degreasers designed for this method of cleansing are very versatile as well as reliable. Some of the pressure washer degreasers that we have to offer are:   

  • Tidal Super Citrus Degreaser 
  • Tidal MAX Degreaser 
  • Rough & Tough Cleaner 

Tidal Super Citrus Degreaser 

Tidal Super Citrus Degreaser is an orange-colored solution created out of many diverse elements. Due to containing citrus, it can clear away grease easier than its counterparts while leaving behind a pleasant odor.  

This solution is also able to clear away some of the following: 

  • Soap Scum 
  • Printer Ink 
  • Carbon Deposits  
  • Road Tar 

In addition to its abilities, it comes with these benefits: 

  • Variety in size (coming in three suitable sizes for your needs) 
  • Low Instability 
  • Does not include tough abrasives 

Tidal MAX Industrial Degreaser  

Tidal MAX Industrial Degreaser is a red and concentrated solution made from a variety of components. It is classified under butyl, which makes it one of the most often purchased degreasers but harmful without caution. 

Besides grease, this solution can wash away: 

  • Oil 
  • Dirt 
  • Mold 

In addition to its abilities, it possesses these benefits: 

  • Strong enough for commercial usage  
  • Comes in multiple sizes 
  • Low Instability 
  • Can be used with hot or cold water 

Rough & Tough Cleaner 

Rough & Tough Cleaner is a light red solution with industrial strength that has a principal ingredient in oligomeric D-glucopyranose. It is classed as non-butyl, which makes it less harmful than those that contain butyl. 

Besides grease, this solution can get rid of: 

  • Carbon 
  • Various Kinds of Dirt 
  • Various Kinds of Grime 

In addition to its abilities, it contains these benefits: 

  • Low Instability 
  • Variety in size 
  • Nonflammable  
  • Made for heavy-duty cleaning 

Looking To Purchase Some Pressure Washing Degreasers? 

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